The NatCave Studio has elite, industry-proven tools ready for you when ever you need them. Whether it’s recording, mixing, mastering, tracking, beat-making, cover designing, format converting or whatever else you want to throw our way, we’ve got you covered!


What software does The NatCave Studio use?
Primarily we use Pro Tools. There are dozens of great software programs used for audio creation however for over a decade Pro Tools stands out as being the industry standard in digital audio workstations. We also have other software titles that we use in the studio such as the increasingly popular FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops).

What instruments are at the studio?
The NatCave Studio is equipped with a MIDI keyboard piano, a MIDI electronic drum set and a MIDI MCP-style drum pads. FL Studio generates instrument sounds.

Can I bring my own gear to the studio?
Yes. It is a good idea to let us know in advance so we can verify your equipment is compatible with our setup.

What other equipment do you use in the studio?
Below is a list of all the equipment we have in the studio.

Control Surfaces

  • PreSonus FaderPort
  • M-Audio Trigger Finger


  • MXL V69 Mahogany Edition
  • Samson C01

Audio Interfaces

  • FocusriteĀ Scarlett 2i2

Monitor Speakers

  • M-Audio BX8 Pair

Professional Audio Software

  • AvidĀ Pro Tools 11.0
  • Waves Platinum Bundle
  • FL Studio 11 Producer Edition
  • VocaAlign