Studio Sessions with Juice Cannon

JuicePac Juice Cannon (aka JuicePac)
From Lagos, Nigeria
Currently in Brooklyn, New York

With the recent release of his EP titled JuicePac, our Crooklyn rapper Juice Cannon takes the time to sit down with us and reflect on the recording process. (Note: His previous album was titled Now Leaving Crooklyn)

Scroll through the interview below to find more about the birth of JuicePac at NatCave Studio.

What inspired you to make this JuicePac mixtape?
Juice Cannon: October is all about Halloween and it’s the month I started this project. Everybody likes to dress up and be someone they usually aren’t. Instead of dressing up, I wanted to embrace Pac’s persona and take it to the next level by showcasing that style in a mixtape. Adding Juice Cannon’s personal style to Tupac’s legendary flow brings us JuicePac.

What was your favorite part of the process?
JC: We recorded everything in a total of two days, all at NatCave Studio! I’ve been going to this studio for over ten years now and I just keep coming back. When I started this JuicePac project, I wanted to switch it up and try a different studio. Things didn’t go so well and I realized I was wasting my time, so I hit up Nat and we knocked it out in two days. Our final day of recording was even on my birthday.

What’s it like working with Nat at NatCave Studio?
JC: It’s great. He’s an extremely reliable audio engineer and he matches my workaholic energy. I started coming to the studio when I was 14 and I’ve been Nat’s client ever since.

Out of all the songs in this EP, which ones should fans check out first?
Most definitely JuicePac because that’s the name of the tape. It’s Halloween themed and I’m paying tribute to one of my favorite rappers by creating my own alter ego.


Another one is called Connected– I feel like knowing the right people and being in a circle full of connections allows me to get my hands on anything I want. Some of the lyrics are “I’m connected, everywhere I go I’m respected…” it’s pretty self-explanatory. Go check it out, then listen to the rest of the tracks too!

Any special shout outs as your JuicePac mixtape finally gets released?
Nat is the ultimate MVP! Without him I couldn’t have gotten the project done. Also a special shout out to Severiti, who is the only other artist I featured on this mixtape. Lastly, thank you to my fans for the 500+ plays in the last 7 days since JuicePac was released. It really means a lot and I have more new stuff coming soon!

This weekend, Juice Cannon is hosting a private party celebrating JuicePac’s debut with family, friends and other respected rappers. Congratulations and thanks for trusting our team at NatCave Studio! Stream the EP below and please don’t hesitate to show your support.

SoundCloud: Juice Cannon
Twitter: @JuiceCannon
Instagram: @Juice_Pac
YouTube: Juice-Cannon

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Interview by Brigette Balagot
Photos and video provided by Juice Cannon

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