The NatCave Studio Referral Program

We are excited to finally introduce the NatCave Studio Referral Program!
Here’s how it works:

referral program

If you’ve recorded with us at NatCave before, recommend another artist you know to a risk-free session at our studio. What is a risk-free session, you ask?

A risk-free session allows each new artist to spend one full hour at the NatCave Studio. Each session covers recording, mixing, mastering and editing by our Chief Audio Engineer. If the artist is not happy with our service, there will be absolutely no charge for the session. If he or she wishes to keep the finished product of their recording at the end of the hour, we will discuss more details regarding our standard rate and procedure.

For each new artist you recommend to the studio who decides to continue recording with us , we’ll give you a free hour to say thank you!


  • Brand new artists must have never recorded or worked at the NatCave Studio
    in the past
  • Risk-free sessions must be booked between Monday to Thursday
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call or text (888) 603-3587 for more details

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